7 best After Effects scripts that provide great new features, add-ons, and tools for increasing productivity and creativity.

Productivity and creativity go hand to hand and so thus After Effects Scripts in boosting the two. Whether it’s about tweaking an animation or creating something new After Effects Scripts are the handy dandy tools to achieve great results.

Scripting in After Effects is like coding little apps and features. You need to have knowledge of JavaScript and other programming lingos.

Although After Effects Scripts use a language called ExtendScript – A modified version of JavaScript.

You can use the official After Effects Scripting guide, which will give you most of the information you’ll need to write scripts for AE.

My After Effects Scripting Experience

The learning curve was pretty steep as I had no prior knowledge of programming.


If you are familiar with or have taken even a single intro course in school or online, you should be more than sufficient.

Once you have the fundamentals of programming in a place like arrays, objects, functions, etc. The process is not that vigorous.

Take The Easy Road With Ready-Made After Effects Scripts

Let’s be honest, learning anything new is not easy. It requires time, effort, dedication, and patience.

You can’t learn everything as there are easy ways to achieve a certain type of result.

Ready-Made After Effects scripts provide great new features, add-ons, and tools for increasing productivity and creativity.

There are hundreds of powerful After Effects Scripts available online but to make things a little easy for you, We have curated the 7 most popular After Effects Scripts.

Let’s take a look…

1. Auto Whiteboard

An easy solution to creating perfect whiteboard animations is Auto Whiteboard AE Script.

Auto Whiteboard provides more than 60 drawing options including Marker, Pencil, Pen, Eraser, etc. that can be used individually or in combinations.

Using Auto Whiteboard After Effects Script is very easy.

  1. Draw a picture – You can draw any picture in Photoshop or any other software, or simply use any existing images. Then import it into After Effects.
  2. Masking – Draw a rough mask over the image. This will help the script to recognize where and how to animate the hand preset.
  3. Choose Presets – Third and last step is to choose hand and other presets to complete the whiteboard animation.

Within a couple of minutes, you can create whiteboard animations like a pro. This AE script is designed for saving enormous time.

2. Artificial Intelligence Titles

Artificial Intelligence Titles comes with 200 starting presets powered to create over 100 thousand layouts and animation variations.

No matter the text or font you choose, AIT redesigned position, scale, mask, animations, and everything else instantly.

You can choose in and out text animation directions. Switch animation styles by lines, words, or characters.

Mastering tools help you control animation speed, duration, scale, and position even after your title is applied to your final composition.

I purchased almost every typography text tool and AIT is the best one yet. Compared to others, this After Effects Script is easy to use, fully customizable, and responsive. Everything is working perfectly, I highly recommend it“, says a user.

3. AEViewer2

No more static boring icons. Preview everything live with AEViewer2 for After Effects.

This script is fast and simple. It helps you convert all compositions, folders, and presets intro gif files for quick previews.

Live preview organizes all your footage in one place so that you can browse by categories using the same folder structure as in After Effects.

This script helps me to use the assets I’ve already bought. Before this, it wasn’t too easy to find the right assets for my projects.

This tool is really important for every After Effects user. It saves a lot of time and makes you choose what you need exactly”, says a user.

4. Find And Replace Script

Find And Replace After Effects Script helps you to change layer names, effects names, and expressions very quickly.

Just input what you want to replace and select where you want to change it.

That’s it!

Easily copy your rigged layers or change control layers or whatever you want. Find And Replace AE Script can be used as a dockable panel or separate window.

Such a major time saver. This is seriously a must-have script if you’re working with large quantities of expressions”, as said by a user.

Another happy customer said – “Great item and fine customer support. It helped me save many hours of hard work”.

In short, Find And Replace is a script that saves time and increases productivity.

5. Watercolor Motion Kit

Watercolor Motion Kit allows you to create unique, artistic watercolor designs and animate them in a click.

This is the easiest possible way to create professional watercolor artworks from your images.

As everything is layered, it gives you lots of creative controls to easily customize your results.

According to a user testimony – “This is one of the best products I’ve purchased in a long time! To be honest, I’m very experienced with photography, but not so much with video. I’ve only used After Effects a handful of times. That being said, I created a small gem with a recently shot sunrise sunflower photo. Now my mind is filling with slideshow projects I’d like to make, too”.

Visit the product page to know how Watercolor Motion Kit works.

6. Easy Expression

As easy as it sounds, this Script helps you quickly add expressions in After Effects.

There are tons of expressions that can be applied to a position, scale, rotation, and other AE properties.

Create bounce, wiggle, elastic, and all kinds of animations with Easy Expression Script.

The user interface is very simple. It comes with a floating/dockable panel where you can choose one or multiple expressions at once.

Easy Expressions has been rated 5 stars as it’s a very useful script.

The demo video on the official product page will help you out with additional details.

7. Shapes Titles Creator

Create compelling, attention-grabbing multimedia with this amazing value fully customizable Shapes Titles Creator Script.

It comes with 500+ ultra high quality, ready-made animated shapes, titles, transitions, and many more.

All elements are well organized in 13 different categories and are created in Ultra High Definition 4K resolution.

According to a 5-star reviewer – “Shapes Titles Creator is good on quality and easy to use. It really helped speed up my work”.

Visit the product page for a whole bunch of demo content and information on Shapes Titles Creator Script For After Effects.

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