In this list-based article, you will come across some of the best-selling and top-rated Adobe After Effects scripts of 2023.

There is no doubt that Adobe After Effects scripts make work easy and save tons of time. With scripts, you can automate a number of things in After Effects that otherwise take hours to do.

With scripts, you can animate a text layer in hundred different ways by clicking one single button. OR, you can convert AEP to MOGRT, create transitions, and generate animated charts from CSV files.

The possibilities are endless.

In this list down below, you will come across some of the best-selling and top-rated Adobe After Effects scripts of 2023. These After Effects scripts are a must-have for any motion graphic designer.


1. TD MOGRT Creator

TD MOGRT Creator - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

TD MOGRT Creator is an After Effects Script designed to convert After Effects Project (AEP) to Motion Graphics Template (MOGRT) for Premiere Pro.

You just need to select your composition and click on the Magic Button. The script will take care of everything else.

2. Shapes Titles Creator

Shapes Titles Creator - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

This After Effects Script features 500+ ultra high-quality ready-made animated shapes, animated titles, transitions, lower thirds, and more.

Shapes Titles Creator script is great for creating presentations, explainer videos, and typography projects. All elements are created in Ultra High Definition 4K (UHD) resolution so you can easily resize and get the absolute best resolution.

3. Pro Motion

Pro Motion - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

Pro Motion is an all-in-one After Effects Script with over 35 different functions.

Quick NoteLock Layer To Comp Center
Quick Custo ExpressionsFake 3D/Extrude
Easing SlidersMarket Control
Keyframe InterpolationFlip: Horizontally, Vertically
Eases Copy: Across ProjectsReverse Layers Order
Anchor PointTrim Layer To Keyframes
ElasticKeyframes Controller
Clone KeyframesShredder
Add NullArrange Layers
Line capSequence Layers
Line joinLoop in/out
Text Break: Lines, Words, LettersRename Tool
Explode Shape LayersLine Connector
Link ItSelect Similar Properties
Link To This PropertyColor Palette Tool
Lock It Un-Lock ItAnd More…
List of 35+ Functions in Pro Motion Script

You can learn more about each function by downloading Pro Motion PDF Document.

4. Renderer – Minimalistic Render UI

Renderer - Minimalistic Render UI - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

After Effects removed the ability to export GIFs and H.264 files and moved them to the Media Encoder. To solve this problem and make things easier, Renderer After Effects Script was created.

The renderer is a modern, minimalistic tool for exporting videos, GIFs, or sequences in one click directly from After Effects without any third-party plugin.

5. Auto Whiteboard

Auto Whiteboard - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

An easy solution to creating perfect whiteboard animations is Auto Whiteboard AE Script. Auto Whiteboard provides more than 60 drawing options including Marker, Pencil, Pen, Eraser, etc. that can be used individually or in combinations.

Within a couple of minutes, you can create whiteboard animations like a pro. This AE script is designed for saving an enormous time.

6. Layer Manager 4

Layer Manager 4 - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

Built on top of the Common Extensibility Platform by Adobe, Layer Manager is the most important but missing tool for Adobe After Effects. This script provides a broad range of tools that boost productivity while working with AE layers.

Layer Manager is ideal for those huge compositions where you need to just back and forth to find layers.

7. Artificial Intelligence Titles

Artificial Intelligence Titles - Best Adobe After Effects Scripts

Artificial Intelligence Titles come with 200 starting presets powered to create over 100 thousand layouts and animation variations.

No matter the text or font you choose, AIT redesigns position, scale, mask, animations, and everything else instantly.

8. SF-Subtitles


SF-Subtitles is an After Effects Script to create subtitles for your videos with dynamic backgrounds.

You can render the subtitles with the video or export them as SRT and many other formats to use in any media player.

9. B-Roll Autopilot

B-Roll Autopilot

B-roll Autopilot is an automated editing tool for creating backgrounds and b-roll sequences. Simply select the clips you want to use, enter an editing speed, and click Create Sequence.

B-roll Autopilot adds your clips to a new composition, splits them into segments, shuffles, and sequences them. As a final touch, random timing is added to give the sequence a natural editing rhythm.

10. Icons Composer

Icons Composer

Icons Composer is an After Effects Script to create high-quality flat animated icons. This script contains 243 icons, 9 animated design concepts, and 8 animated backgrounds.

All you have to do is browse the existing icon categories and click the icon you want to be loaded inside your After Effects project.

11. Crow Notes

Crow Notes

Crow Notes is an After Effects script that allows you to save, rename and access many different notes by using commands and dropdown menus.

It comes with a clean dockable user interface and is compatible with After Effects CS3 and above versions.

12. Find And Replace Scripts

Find And Replace Scripts

Find And Replace After Effects Script helps you to change layer names, effects names, and expressions very quickly. Just input what you want to replace and select where you want to change it.

That’s it!

13. Quick Subtitles V3.0

Quick Subtitles V3.0

Quick Subtitles V3.0 is an After Effects Script that’ll help you sync any text to audio. It is basically the easiest way to create subtitles in After Effects.

This script is YouTube-ready, which means you can export the subtitles as SRT files and upload them as a closed caption. There are various formatting options available as well. You can set text background, link width, and typing animation.

14. 3D Photo Maker

3D Photo Maker

3D Photo Maker is a script for Adobe After Effects to animate 2D photos in a 3D scene with just a few clicks.

You can choose elements in your 2D image to animate by aligning a grid on it. For instance, you can choose to animate only the sky, leaving all other elements still.

As you are working in a 3D environment, you can enable the depth of field, getting an even more realistic 3D effect.

15. All-In-One Motion Toolkits

All In One Motion Toolkits

This motion toolkit is an all-in-one package for Motion Graphics artists and UI designers.

It’s got multiple tools for all your projects. Some of the most helpful ones are transition composer, 4K ready-made transition pack, parallax builder, expression helper, particle composer, camera tools and rigs, and sound library.

16. Text Animator Suite

Text Animator Suite

Text Animator Suite After Effects Script gives you the power and freedom to animate text in a few simple steps.

The script can randomly generate animated text based on the transform properties you select along with frequency, duration, and amplitude settings.

With Text Animator Suite, there is no need to invent animations, the script will do it for you. The ‘Add Random Animation‘ button in the script UI panel always generates a different animation when clicked.

17. KeysBinder


Creating animations in After Effects is a complicated task and you’ll often end up with tons of keyframes. KeysBinder is an After Effects script that converts such multiple keyframes to 2 keyframes.

What you get is just a start and end keyframe for any animation, no matter how complex it is. You can then control the animation with the help of slider and checkbox controls.

18. Chartz


Chartz is a data visualization After Effects script that creates animated bar charts from CSV files. It is very minimalistic and comes with a user-friendly easy-to-use interface.

19. Watercolor Motion Kit

Watercolor Motion Kit

Watercolor Motion Kit allows you to create unique, artistic watercolor designs and animate them with a click.

This is the easiest possible way to create professional watercolor artwork from your images. As everything is layered, it gives you lots of creative controls to easily customize your results.

20. Handwriting Kit

Handwriting Kit

The handwriting kit is an After Effects script that converts any text into animated handwriting. It is ideal to animate signatures or use them anywhere in your videos or photos.

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