Make your design look aesthetic and pleasing with this curated list of 12 free fonts that are perfect for any graphic design project.

Fonts play a very important role in any graphic design project as they increase readability, communicate quickly, and draw the reader’s eye to the key information within the design.

The fonts you use in your graphic design projects should complement the overall design elements as they’ll help in making them stand out.

It is very different to choose the best from the rest when you have thousands of fonts available at your disposal. Therefore, to ease things out, here are 12 free fonts perfect for your graphic design projects.

Some of these free fonts are exclusively for personal projects, while others are available for both personal and commercial use.

1. Bosch Display Font

Bosch Display Font

Bosch, a serif font, draws inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter from Brabant known for his restlessly imaginative works filled with religious symbolism, allegory, and fantastical elements. The soft curves and refined details of this free font will create a sense of elegance in your graphic design projects.

2. Tahan Grotesk

Tahan Grotesk free fonts

Tahan Grotesk, a free font, draws inspiration from the Filipino word ‘Tahan,’ meaning ‘Calm Down.’ It features rounded apexes and vertices, making it suitable for a wide variety of graphic design projects. The Regular version of the font is free for personal and commercial use.

3. Minera

Minera font

Minera is a clean and highly professional font that is free to download and use for personal use. This typeface includes 3 weights, upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, and aims to serve a wide variety of graphic designs.

4. Fungis Grotesque

Fungis Grotesque free typeface

Fungis is a free font made by combining the versatility of Grotesk fonts with curves and cut bowls in some of the letterforms. It comes in 3 styles – Regular, Bold, and Heavy. This font is free to download and use in your personal and commercial graphic design projects.

5. Lazar 1389 Typeface

Lazar 1389 Typeface

This free font is inspired by Serbian Medieval history and features an ultra-tall and compressed style with sharp angles. Lazar 1389 Typeface is ideal for posters, headlines, magazines, movie titles, T-shirt prints, and other graphic design projects.

6. Durer

Durer font

Durer is a free modern font that creates a sense of elegance in your design projects. The font is inspired by the work of Albrecht Dürer, a German painter renowned for his high-quality woodcut prints.

7. Elianto

Elianto free typeface

Elianto is a free sans-serif font with a 5-star rating. It contains uppercase, lowercase, accent, and glyphs. You can download and use this in both personal and commercial graphic design projects.

8. Soria – Free Noveau Font

Soria - Free Noveau Font

Soria is a free font that offers a wide range of options to create logos, titles, and headlines. It is ideal for books, packaging, editorial, advertising, branding, or any other graphic design project. It is free for personal and commercial use.

9. Vision

Vision font

Vision is a geometric and humanist font family of 12 fonts, perfect for display and small text. It has extended ligatures, OpenType features, and alternative glyphs for flexibility and uniqueness.

10. Fjord Brush Font

Fjord Brush Font

The Fjord brush font, inspired by the stunning natural landscapes of the Fjords in Norway, was drawn with a thick brush on plastic to achieve a liquid and distorted look.

11. Kawit


Kawit is a Brush Italic Free Font with three weights and is inspired by the curves and swashes of old letterings seen in emblems and seals. The font is free to download and use in personal and commercial design projects.

12. Oakward

Oakward font

Oakward is a playful, tropical, and somewhat meme-like font characterized by its strict use of sharp angles. This free font is ideally suited for posters, banners, branding, or any other graphic design project. The font includes letters, numbers, multilanguage support, dozens of alternate letters, and ligatures.