You must have seen countless number of title sequences and end credits in films where 2D static images are animated into 3D space.

The effect can be achieved by separating the background, mid and foreground of an image, giving a sense of parallax effect.

If you are still wondering what we are talking about, have a look at this video.

There are many video tutorials to guide you with the process of achieving the effect in After Effects.

Since time is money, What is the most time saving technique to turn static images into photo realistic 3D animations?

The answer lies in an After effects Project called PhotoMotion

PhotoMotion will turn your precious images into photorealistic 3d animations within minutes.

All inside Adobe After Effects.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes when you use PhotoMotion.

Hundreds of intelligent features such as auto focus, depth of field, reflections and more are implemented out of the box.

But the best thing for you is you don’t see the boring code and expressions.

Everything happens in the background and a smart user interface give you total control.

When you purchase this After Effects project, you are not only getting this awesome tool, you also get 100+ assets like Lower Thirds, Instagram filters, Logo reveals, transitions, Light leaks, particles, digital glitches, and more to enhance your video.

Want more?

There’s even a slideshow creator which helps you turn multiple images from static to 3D animated and then stitch them into one, full-length video.

PhotoMotion for After Effects is trusted by over 5400 customers and is updated regularly with new tools and features.

Watch this informative demo video showcasing the true power of PhotoMotion.


PhotoMotion is available on the Videohive library for $89 USD (Regular License) and $299 USD (Extended License).


PhotoMotion After Effects Toolkit is compatible with After Effects CC and all the above versions.

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