Talking about online teaching and learning is simply talking about contemporary education. In developed countries, the Internet is an integral part of education. And we are certain that its significance will continue to increase throughout this decade.

Coming back to the present, the entire world is under lockdown because of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. To contain the spread of this virus, governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions. Impacting around 90% of the world’s student population.

To minimize the impact, online teaching and learning are now playing a huge role in helping out parents, teachers and school administrators facilitate distance learning.

UNESCO has published a list of educational applications, platforms, and resources to facilitate the continuity of education through remote learning. Our friends at Creative Market have come up with a huge collection of graphics and templates for online teaching and learning.

Creative Market Design Resources For Online Teaching And Learning

Great design is what Creative Market stands for. Therefore, to help parents and teachers educate children at a distance, they have come up with ready-to-use design resources for online teaching and learning.

graphics and templates for online teaching and learning

With their graphics, templates, and worksheets, you can create online lessons in no time. Also, they are easy to customize in tools like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Canva.

These educational design resources are sorted by subjects such as:

  • Arts & Music
  • English Language Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies & History

As well as by grade levels from:

  • Pre-K to 2nd grade
  • 3rd to 5th grade
  • 6th to 12th grade

Graphics And Templates By Subjects

Arts & Music

These online learning and teaching resources can be used to encourage children to develop their creative talent and imagination.

1. Finger Prints Art

online teaching and learning

This template can be used to create art activities for children. Use the characters and doodle and follow the step-by-step instructions for creating the magic world. The tasks teach your kids how to make different animals, modes of transport, and insects.

You will get:

  • 17 animals + 17 doodles
  • 9 step-by-step instructions
  • 17 animals faces + 17 doodles
  • 21 modes of transport + 21 doodles
  • 17 insects + 17 doodles

2. Games & Activities For Kids Vol. 2

online teaching and learning

This Collection includes weekly planners with cute dinos, cats, cool dogs, and jungle animals, mazes, dot-to-dot games, and coloring pages. Make learning fun with this collection of mini-games for children. It’s a perfect addition to a nursery and a home. All vector files are saved in EPS10.

You will get:

  • printable weekly planners with mini-games
  • cute mazes
  • coloring pages
  • dot to dot games
  • kids diplomas

3. Cut & Glue Robot Vector

Cut and glue robot toy vector illustration, worksheet. Papercraft and DIY riddle with cartoon robotic characters for preschool kids. Cut Out activity for children.

4. Dot To Dot Games Collection

online teaching and learning

Dot-to-dot games are fun drawing activities for kids! It’s a great way to teach children numbers and number order. Kids can connect the dots to complete the outline of the image, and then make it into a masterpiece by coloring it in. This collection includes 60 worksheets with funny animals and plants.

5. Paper Cut Alphabet

Kids can learn to read or to count with these fun letters and figures. Pack includes paper cut alphabet plus 8 templates of funny cards.

6. Cards For Learning Basic Colors

online teaching and learning

Cards to study the basic colors like red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

7. Educational Games For Kids

This collection contains 164 educational shadow games for kids. They will learn to recognize characters and patterns by looking at outlines and shadows.

8. Color By Sample

online teaching and learning

This is a great collection of educational games to teach kids coloring and basic maths equations. Contains 16 different graphics to play with.

9. Games With Bloks

This is a collection of 19 educational games with color blocks.

10. Finish The Picture

online teaching and learning

Complete and coloring game for preschool and school kids. Cute funny robot for drawing and education activities.

English Language Arts

These graphics and templates make it easy for children to read, write, listen, and speak with confidence.

11. Vector English Learning

online teaching and learning

Each page has the first letter of the animal name with a list of words for each animal or object that is depicted in the illustration. You can teach alphabetic understanding, enrich vocabulary English, and even fluency for beginning readers. Using this resource you can create an A-Z book as well.

12. A-Z Letter Tracing Worksheet

online teaching and learning

A-Z letter tracing worksheets to teach kids handwriting practice with UPPER CASE and lower case and learn English vocabulary.

13. Bookbag School Font

online teaching and learning

Bookbag is a font for teaching kids to read and write. It comes in the following variants:

  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Dotted
  • Lined dotted
  • Lined regular

14. The Hours Educational Illustrations

online teaching and learning

A collection specially designed for teachers or parents to teach their students or their young children how to read the hours in a clock. These posters are provided in two languages (English and Spanish), so it is great for teaching English and Spanish too.

15. Alphabet Learning With Transport & Animals

This template can be used for online teaching and learning English alphabets. There are 26 letters and 26 alphabet cards with transport and animals in this collection.

16. English Language Learning

A bundle of 10 sets of illustrations that can be used as a teaching aid while language learning. Includes synonyms, antonyms, question words, prepositions, etc.

17. Handwriting Practice

graphics and templates for online teaching and learning

This pack contains 50 handwriting practice worksheets for young ones.

18. Activities For Kids

Make learning fun with this big collection of activities for kids. This collection includes Mazes, Crosswords, and Dot to Dot games. Maze is a great way to practice fine motor skills! Crossword games are ideal to help the kids build up their vocabulary. Besides, dot-to-dot activities are a great tool for kids who are learning to count.

19. Crosswords For Kids

A crossword activity worksheet for kids to recognize and solve animal name puzzles.

20. Animal Alphabets

A super cute collection of animals for every letter of the alphabet! Includes 26 animal graphics with letters, and an animal alphabet print.

Foreign Languages

Ready-to-use illustrations, worksheets, diagrams, and more to help young ones learn new languages.

21. Welcome Set: 16 Different Languages

Vector illustration of cartoon characters saying hello and welcome in 16 different languages. Includes English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Dutch, Sweden, greek, polish, Turkish, Hebrew, and Portuguese or Brazilian.

22. Hand Wave Icons

graphics and templates for online teaching and learning

A varied collection of different icons to show different types of hand waving, high-fives, hand gestures, clapping, and sign language.

23. 5 In 1 Special Bundle

This set of templates for online teaching and learning includes:

  • 125 cartoon characters from different countries all around the world.
  • Funny cartoon world map with kids of different nationalities, traditional animals of all the continents and oceans, and 21 of the most representative monuments of all around the world.
  • Set of 10 Great Musicians of History in cartoon style.
  • Set of 26 Great Philosophers and Thinkers of History in cartoon style.
  • Cartoon characters say hello and welcome in 16 different languages.

24. 70 Languages of The World

graphics and templates for online teaching and learning

Set of 70 different characters saying “hello” and “welcome” in 70 different languages from all over the world. Every character is dressed in the typical way of the language it represents.

25. Around The World Patterns

This pattern collection is full of happy moods, joy, and warm emotions from different parts of the world. Plants from all over the world, stamps collection, sea, beach, boats, funny penguin, butterflies, London bus, ice cream, floral suitcase, bright tropical flowers, the word hello in different languages, palm trees, Amsterdam colorful houses, cages and more.


Master arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and mathematical problem-solving with handpicked clip art and worksheets.

26. Cartoon Mathematical Set

A great set of numbers and symbols to teach kids the basics of mathematics.

27. Marine Life Coloring

Printable worksheet for kindergarten and preschool. Bright funny fishes, crabs, jellyfish, seashells, octopus, other marine life, plants, and corals on the sea background.

28. Graph Paper Sheets

This pack includes various graph paper styles. All sheets have been subtly textured, for an authentic retro look. For those who want to have clean white files to use as backgrounds, patterns, or to print, all untextured sheets are also included.

29. Fresh Fruits Count & Color

Fresh fruits count and the color is printable worksheets for kindergarten and preschool.

30. Funny Mathematics Game cards

This is a cartoon boy learning game cards with fruits and vegetables. An easy counting worksheet for kids.


You can use these resources to teach science with visuals featuring physical life, earth, space, and human science.

31. Periodic Table of Elements

A simple and easy-to-understand Periodic Table of the Elements.

32. Famous Scientists

A vector illustrations pack of famous scientists. Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, and Dmitri Mendeleev. All of them have made a great contribution to science with their inventions, discoveries, and ideas.

33. Human Anatomy For Kids

A Collection of hand-drawn vector anatomical illustrations and seamless patterns. Human respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, nervous, digestive, skeletal, muscular, and urogenital systems for kids.

34. Space Games

This product is exactly what you need to teach kids everything about space. It features funny planets, space techniques, aerial aliens, and UFOs of any kind.

35. Volcano Cross Section View

Volcano Mountain cross-section view to teaching everything about volcanoes, hot lava, and volcanic ash.

Social Studies & History

Explore downloadable maps, icons, and diagrams to educate children on world history and geography.

36. World Map

Detailed and informative world maps to learn everything about countries, states, and borders.

37. Cartoon World Map

Funny cartoon world map with kids of different nationalities, and traditional animals of all the continents and oceans. 16 of the most representative monuments of all around the world. And all of this is decorated with different types of trees and plants and a boat.

38. American History Infographics

Set of American History Infographics with places for your text.

39. Flags of The World

Beautiful, detailed flag icons for all 282 global countries and territories plus 16 international organizations, with circular, rounded, and square versions

40. 26 Great Philosophers of History

Set of 26 Great Philosophers and Thinkers of History in cartoon style.

41. 60 Politicians & Leaders of History

Set of 60 Relevant Politicians and Leaders of History in cartoon style.

42. 315 World Flags Set

A great collection of 315 vector world flags in 3 styles.

Graphics And Templates By Grade Levels

Pre-K To 2nd

Online teaching and learning resources to engage younger learners.

Powered by Creative Market

In total, there are 63 activities, planners, and games in this collection.

3rd To 5th

Beautifully designed assets that enhance elementary-level learning.

Powered by Creative Market

In total, there are 83 infographics, icons, and patterns in this collection.

6th To 12th

Ready-to-use graphics and templates, ideal for middle and high school students.

Powered by Creative Market

In total, there are 71 presentation templates, diagrams, and graphics in this collection.


The Internet has made education so easy that students can learn anything from anywhere.

The graphics and templates listed are surely a blessing for educators and students to keep teaching and learning even in times of difficulty.

The world has come together to raise awareness and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Creative Market and all the artists who contributed their work to help facilitate education even during the lockdown are the true faces of humanity.