TYPE-O-MATIC is an After Effects animation tool for designers and motiongraphers developed by Hamo Studio.

TYPE-O-MATIC is a project file for After Effects that gives you power to animate any font in a few steps.

TYPE-O-MATIC offers three different ways for creating easy, quick and customizable type animation – The Controller, Masked and Unfold.

The Controller

By animating the solid Controller_xx in the “Controller_xx” composition, all solid’s transformations properties are applied to all characters in “alphabet” composition.


Creating an animation in the composition “modify_this_Mask” you’ll be creating a mask animation applied to all characters in the “alphabet” composition.


Moving the keyframe in the “alphabet” composition you’ll be modifying the unfold type velocity.


  1. Download project files.
  2. Import the controller.aep, masked.aep or unfold.aep to the library.
  3. Open change_font_HERE! composition, select all layers and choose font.
  4. Open alphabet composition, select and copy the letters you need to form a word.
  5. Create a new composition, paste and composite the letters.
  6. Render scene


Peanuts – The Controller

Cars – The Controller

Geometry – Masked

Chyron – Masked

Rock & Roll – Unfold

Coffee – Unfold