For a great video, you need the idea, equipment, and software. Here’s a handy list of the top 7 most powerful software essential for Vloggers.

The first vlog appeared on YouTube 10 years ago. Video content is constantly evolving and is gaining many fans everywhere. Video bloggers are travelers, teachers, cooks, accountants, and truckers.

The list of professions can be continued. If you are also thinking about your vlog, this article will come in handy.

For a great video, you need the idea, equipment, and software. Buy a vlog camera, tripod, and microphone, and choose free software for your PC or mobile.

If the main idea of the vlog is formed, you can start. So that the choice of software does not turn into a long, tedious procedure for you, we have compiled a list of the best offers to date.

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What Is A Vlog: The Main Idea

People start blogging for two main reasons: to talk about their profession or their hobbies. In the first case, a video blog helps to increase their expertise in the labor market.

Secondly, you should share pleasant impressions and form a community around an interesting idea by vlogging.

In both cases, there is a third way after the growth of the audience around your video blog. You can monetize popular vlogs.

So, if you want to make a video and broadcast it to a large audience, that’s a good idea. Formulate what your deposit is and for whom. Write it down on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the workplace. This is your guide.

Editing Software To Video

It is impossible to capture perfect shots that do not require editing. So, start by looking at the video editing materials.

1. VN (Vlog Now) 

VN (Vlog Now) 

You can begin by downloading free mobile software – VN Video Editor. It works even on the most basic smartphone devices. 

Benefits of the VN Video Editor:

  • The program works with almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 
  • The settings are simple enough for even a novice to understand.
  • Convenient tool for vertical video processing.
  • Free editing with no watermarks. You will not find other such offers for Android.

When you’re using a smartphone to edit your recordings, then do not count on a large feature set. After all, this isn’t an expert film editor; it’s a free one.

If you’re a blogger rather than a filmmaker, therefore, you’ll have been through enough. It’s okay for the first venture into Android.

2. VideoPad 


Take a look at the VideoPad if you’re used to the old UI of free software. VideoPad is a useful free program with an outdated interface. The functionality list is stronger than the appearance:

  • you can work both with Windows or with Mac;
  • the resource remains simple to use and free of clutter;
  • works with almost all video formats (over 60 options);
  • easily save and share.

You’ll quickly understand this tool and start sharing your YouTube videos. Good start without investing in software.

3. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

If you favor the macOS, Final Cut Pro was built with you in mind. With this resource, you can record online lessons, shoot music videos, and make bright video presentations.

Pros of Final Cut Pro for Mac:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • easy to set up workflow;
  • quality effects, customized transitions, and title templates;
  • supports almost all formats created by your vlog camera;
  • easy integration with various Apple devices.

This software has a price tag attached to it. The product’s one-time cost is $299.99.

Screen Recording Software

If you’re blogging in a field where sharing screen content with your viewers is vital, then use online resources to capture the screen. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

4. Screen Capture

Screen Capture

Before choosing software, understand what a vlog is about. Using a screen recorder online is good enough for reviews and similar videos.

If you keep a vlog on YouTube with an overview of technical news or online events, try this online screen recorder.

Feature of Screen Capture:

  • Free screen recorder without download.
  • Simple saving video in HD format.
  • Recording screens with sound (computer system or your voice).

You can capture the browser or separate Windows activity, as well as add your face to the presentation.

The microphone could also be used to record sound. There is no time limit on how long you can use this free screen recorder.

Streaming Resource

Vlog’s audience will gradually grow. To maintain the interest of followers and not lose fans, we recommend trying video streaming. The video blogger video is brought closer to the audience through live real-time communication.

5. Livestream Studio 6

Livestream Studio 6

For a live broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo, and other services try Livestream Studio 6 by Vimeo. The resource has several useful features, such as:

  • built-in Multiview, 
  • stream recording, 
  • templates for texts and graphics, 
  • the blending of audio. 

This streaming tool is one of the greatest causes of greater video transmission. Livestream Studio 6 is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Price is $75 per month (annual payment).

All-In-One Video Processing Software

Consider all-in-one options for dealing with video if you don’t want to download a lot of various software to your PC.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

For Windows users, this is a skilled video editor. Video bloggers like this software because of:

  • modifying tools for color and light;
  • Adobe Creative Suite with more than 20 programs;
  • ample opportunities to work with sound.

If music is important for your role, check out royalty-free music. Adobe Premiere Pro is paid. You can subscribe in the range of $20.99 — $31.49 per month.

Until recently, Adobe products were considered the best software. But competitors are improving, so users can find a good alternative in this price range.

7. Video Proc Vlogger

Video Proc Vlogger

Note the Video Proc Vlogger. Online video editors are not covered by this software, so you should save it to your computer. Video Proc Vlogger is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

You can process video from various sources like vlog cameras, mobile phones, or drones. It has a simple UI, a video lesson, the ability to edit 360º VR content, and a variety of capabilities for a good cost ($29.95 – $57.95). This resource is 4 in 1:

  • editor of video,
  • media converter,
  • the uploader of videos,
  • screen recorder.

Experienced vloggers call Video Proc Vlogger a simple set of tools with all of the required items.


If you are just starting to run your video blog, choose free software. In the early stages, you will have to invest a lot in quality video recording equipment.

Gradually, with the development of vlog, move to paid resources with broader functionality. Trying to understand everything at once can lead to exhaustion and overspending. Develop vlogs gradually and with pleasure.